Mathematical Operations & Inequalities


Mathematical operation is the simplification of an expression containing different numbers and mathematical signs.

In this module we will study how reasoning questions are formulated on this topic. We will also study about Inequalities.

Mathematical operations can be divided into two sections based on the type of questions asked:

Type I: Simple Mathematical Operations

The questions of this section are based on simple mathematical operations of +, –, × and ÷ after substitution/interchange of signs and numbers, Balancing of equations, etc.

Type II: Inequalities

Inequality means state of being unequal. Inequality based questions involve use of signs such as ‘less than’, ‘greater than’ ‘equal to’, ‘not equal to’ etc.

Different types of questions

  • Symbol Substitution

  • Balancing the Equation

  • Interchange of Signs and Numbers

  • Trick Based Mathematical Operations

  • Find the Resultant Number in a Row

  • Simple Inequalities

  • Coded Inequalities

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