Overview of Pronouns

What is a Pronoun?

Pronoun - a word used instead of a Noun.

But why should we use them?

By avoiding the repetition of a noun, we make a sentence short and beautiful.

Have a look at the following sentences:

Sentence without Pronoun: Alka is absent, because Alka is ill.
It sounds odd.

To improve it, we can avoid the repetition of the noun Alka.
Sentence with Pronoun: Alka is absent, because she is ill.

Types of Pronouns

In this module we will cover the various kinds of pronouns:

  • Personal pronouns
  • Reflexive pronouns
  • Emphatic pronouns
  • Demonstrative pronouns
  • Indefinite pronouns
  • Distributive pronouns
  • Relative pronouns
  • Interrogative pronouns
  • Exclamatory pronouns
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