Blood relations

Here we are supposed to analyse the information showing the blood relationship among members of a family. On the basis of this analysis, we are to find relation between any two family members.

Generally, we have to deal with three generations above and three generations below the current generation, and not more.


Before we start tackling the questions based on blood relations, we need to acquint ourselves with various relations. Let us see the various relations found in various generations of a family.

Current Generation


Children of same parents - Siblings (gender undetermined)
Son of father or mother - Brother (definitely male)
Daughter of father or mother - Sister (definitely female)

Son of second wife of father - Step-brother (definitely male)
Daughter of second wife of father - Step-sister (definitely female)

Son/daughter of uncle/aunt - Cousin (gender undetermined)

If a question states that, someone is his or her father’s/mother’s only son/daughter - it means ‘Oneself’, i.e. he or she has no siblings.

Marital relations of Brothers & Sisters

Husband of sister - Brother-in-law (जीजा, बहनोई - स्वयं से छोटी बहन के पति) (definitely male)
Wife of brother - Sister-in-law (भाभी) (definitely female)

Brother of husband - Brother-in-law (देवर, जेठ) (definitely male)
Brother of wife - Brother-in-law (साला) (definitely male)
Wife of brother-in-law - Sister-in-law (देवरानी, जेठानी, सलज - wife of साला) (definitely female)

Sister of husband - Sister-in-law (ननद) (definitely female)
Sister of wife - Sister-in-law (साली) (definitely female)
Husband of sister-in-law - Brother-in-law (नन्दोई, साढ़ू - husband of साली) (definitely male)

One Generation Above

Husband of mother - Father (definitely male)
Wife of father - Mother (definitely female)
Second husband of mother - Step-father (definitely male)
Second wife of father - Step-mother (definitely female)

Father of wife/husband - Father-in-law (ससुर) (definitely male)
Mother of wife/husband - Mother-in-law (सास) (definitely female)

Brother of father - Uncle (चाचा, ताऊ) (definitely male)
Brother of mother - Uncle (मामा) (definitely male)
Wife of uncle - Aunt (चाची, ताई, मामी) (definitely female)

Sister of father - Aunt (बुआ) (definitely female)
Sister of mother - Aunt (मौसी) (definitely female)
Husband of aunt - Uncle (फूफा, मौसा) (definitely male)

Two Generations Above

Father of father/Father-in-law of mother - Paternal  Grandfather (दादा) (definitely male)
Mother of father / Mother-in-law of mother - Paternal  Grandmother (दादी) (definitely female)
Father of mother / Father-in-law of father - Maternal Grandfather (नाना) (definitely male)
Mother of mother / Mother-in-law of father - Maternal Grandmother (नानी) (definitely female)

Father of grandfather or grandmother - Great grandfather (definitely male)
Mother of grandfather or grandmother - Great grandmother (definitely female)

One Generation Below

Grandson of father/mother - Son/Nephew (definitely male)
Granddaughter of father/mother - Daughter/Niece (definitely female)

Son of brother - Nephew (भतीजा) (definitely male)
Son of sister - Nephew (भांजा) (definitely male)

Daughter of brother - Niece (भतीजी) (definitely female)
Daughter of sister - Niece (भांजी) (definitely female)

Husband of daughter - Son-in-law (दामाद) (definitely male)
Wife of son - Daughter-in-law (बहू) (definitely female)

Two Generations Below

Son of Son - Grandson (पोता) (definitely male)
Son of Daughter - Maternal Grandson (नाती) (definitely male)
Daughter of Son - Granddaughter (नाती) (definitely female)
Daughter of Daughter - Maternal Granddaughter (नातिन) (definitely female)

Son’s/Daughter’s grandson - Great grandson (definitely male)
Son’s/Daughter’s granddaughter - Great granddaughter (definitely female)

Different types of questions:

  • Blood relation based on conversation
  • Symbolically coded blood relationship
  • Puzzles based on blood relation
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